We took two of Manjit’s tours when we first arrived in India, and they were truly a wonderful introduction to the country and the chaotic maze of craziness that is Culcutta. Manjit’s passion for the city is infectious and his depth of knowledge is quite astounding. Whether you’re an amateur, enthusiast or don’t care about photography at all, there is something for everyone to take out of an adventure with Calcutta Photo Tours. My only complaint: I needed to buy another CF card after all the great shots we too.

Dane Halpin
Travel writer, Phuket

A highly interactive and fun walk, which explores the city. I have been to these places everyday, yet did not know any of what I saw today. Thanks.

Sreyoshi Dey
Journalist, Calcutta

Calcutta can be an overwhelming experience with its teeming crowds, choked traffic, the smell of street food and pavements usurped by hawkers. To discover the rich heritage of the city one needs a fine eye, patience, stamina and above all a good guide. Manjit is just that person. Born and raised in Calcutta (also known as Kolkata), Manjit has a deep empathy for the city and its history. He has grown up among some of the city’s oldest lanes and alleys, imbibing the local culture and striking friendships with the diverse people who inhabit the central parts of the city. Manjit showed me parts of the city I never knew existed. Would recommend this intelligent and splendid guide to all who visit Calcutta!

Indranil Banerjie
Freelance journalist and writer

Best walk EVER! Awesome excursion and real experience of Calcutta! Manjit has infinite knowledge and answered all the questions we had. Very funny and helpful and is very passionate about photography

Gracie Fuentes
Student, USA

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