Dalhousie Square, now known as B. B. D. Bagh was what was once the central business district. It was the nerve centre of Job Charnock’s Calcutta.Rudyard Kipling in his “A Tale of Two Cities” writes :

“Thus the midday halt of Charnock -- more's the pity! Grew a City.
As the fungus sprouts chaotic from its bed, So it spread --
Chance-directed, chance-erected, laid and built On the silt --
Palace, byre, hovel -- poverty and pride -- Side by side;”

This tour – which serves as a wonderful introduction to the city - takes you through the hows and whys of Calcutta helping you retrace the steps that gave birth to this second city of the Empire. Liberal doses of history with lots of photographic opportunities makes this heritage site a must do if you visit Calcutta. Calcutta which was once tipped as not only the handsomest town in Asia but one of the finest in the world is an enigma waiting to be discovered.

Come and see the past come alive on this tour with us.

Special Instructions:
Wear comfortable footwear. Some areas could be noisy but then again if you are already in India, you are ready for this! We recommend an early morning start to avoid noise, heat and chaos and to appreciate the beauty of this place.

Recommended start times:
Summers : 6:00 a.m. Winters : 6:30 a.m.
Afternoons : 2:00 p.m.
This tour is available throughout the year. You may book this tour for other timings between 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. though anything besides the early morning start on a weekday might be noisy and crowded.

Duration of tour:
Approximately 3 hours.

Meeting point:
Great Eastern Hotel. See map

A basic shared tour will cost INR 1,750 (adults) & INR 1,000 (children below 12 years)
without pickup and INR 2,350 (adults) & INR 1,350 (children below 12 years) with pickup.
You need a minimum of 2 people to book the tour.
An exclusive tour can be yours for INR 3,500 (adults) & INR 2,000 (children below 12 years)
without pickup and INR 4,500 (adults) & INR 2,700 (children below 12 years) with pickup.
You need a minimum of 2 people to book the tour.

Cancellation policy : Full refund 1 week prior. No refund if less notice is given.

Note : A shared tour is one which may have more people from other groups joining in while in an exclusive tour it will be limited to your own group.

Water, some local snacks and all entries.

We will be witnessing history as told by the great buildings like Great Eastern Hotel, Dead Letter Office, Currency Office, St. Andrew’s Church, Writers Building, General Post Office, Royal Insurance Building, Lal Dighi / Tank Square, Standard Life Insurance Building, Government House, St. John’s Church, Job Charnock’s Mausoleum, Holwell Monument.

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